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Snow ChatGPT UI Kit

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Snow ChatGPT UI Kit is a design system and UI Kit for AI Chat products like ChatGPT, we designed it with reference to the functions of ChatGPT.
The purpose is to help creators quickly build AI tools like ChatGPT.

👉 Preview in Figma


Use new features of Figma

Variables, auto layout and other new Figma features are used.

Desktop and Mobile version

Desktop and mobile have different ways of interacting, so instead of a simple breakpoint response, we provide mobile version separately.

Light and dark modes

Use variables to toggle between light and dark modes.

Different styles

We have different styles for some key pages that you can choose from.

New original design

We not only refer to a large number of excellent designs, but also have the courage to innovate.

Complete interaction design

There are many ways to do Authentication, and we've provided you with all the options you can think of so far.

Have as few styles, fonts, and components as possible

Only by increasing the commonality of styles, fonts, and components can they be reduced.
Reducing them means less development work, and less burden.

Fewer, making our design system more powerful.

Any questions?

Feel free to private message me on Twitter.

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Snow ChatGPT UI Kit

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